Phase 4 Games

These free online games are all aimed at Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. Click on a picture or title to play – all games open in a new tab or window:

Blending Bingo

Blending Bingo Phase 4

First choose Phase 4 and select which sets of words you want to practice. You will have the option to print off the bingo cards which are available in PDF format. Every time you click the “next word” button you will get a new word to blend. From ICT Games.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure Phase 4

Sound out and blend the word on the coin. If it’s a real word, drag it into the treasure chest. If it’s nonsense then drag it to the bin. See teaching ideas to accompany this game from Phonics Play.

Dragons’ Den

Dragons' Den Phase 4 Game

At the start of the game you can choose which letter sets to work with, or you can even enter your own word list. You have to give the eggs with real words on to the green dragon and those with made up words to the red dragon. Here are some useful teaching ideas for the game from Phonics Play.

Picnic on Pluto

Picnic on Pluto Phase 4 Phonics Game

There are plenty of options so you can play the game with whichever words the children are ready to practise with. Sound out the words and feed the fake ones to Obb and the real ones to Bob. You can get some useful teaching ideas for the game from Phonics Play.

Sentence Substitution

Sentence Substitution Game

Choose a sentence from the list provided. The words will be displayed across the screen with some alternatives at the bottom. Once the children have read the sentence they can try out alternative words and see whether the sentence still makes sense. There are teaching ideas for this game from Phonics Play.