Phase 1 Resources

This page contains free, printable Phase 1 resources for the DfES Letters and Sounds phonics teaching programme.

Phase 1 – Odd one out cards

Phase 1 Odd one Out Cards

This set contains eight sets of four cards. In each set, one picture begins with a different sound to the other three. The cards can be left four to the sheet for “spot the odd one out” activities. Alternatively, you could cut them up into separate cards and use them in games such as Digging for Treasure (DfES Letters and Sounds Aspect 5 Page 32). Download free now!

Phase 1 – Big ears for a listening walk

Big Ears Listening Walk

Print onto card, cut and stick to make a set of big ears for a listening walk (DfES Letters and Sounds Aspect 1 Page 9). Download free now!

Phase 1 – Animal sound bingo cards

Animal Sound Bingo Cards

The Phonics Play website has a free printable PDF with 15 colourful animal bingo cards. Visit Phonics Play.

Phase 1 – Playing with Words activity cards from Twinkl

Play With Words Activity Cards

Use these brilliantly-illustrated phonics playing cards to explore the ‘Playing with Words’ aspect of Phase 1 phonics. Ask children to talk about familiar objects and to explore the number of syllables in each word. Free download from Twinkl.

Phase 1 – Metal Mike activity cards from Twinkl

Metal Mike Activity Cards

Use this great set of cards to complete the Metal Mike activity suggested in the DfES Letters and Sounds document for Phase 1. Free download from Twinkl.